Rita Lama

Rita is from Nuwakot. She came to Kathmandu for the first time when she was 17 years old. Having studied up to grade 5, it has always been a dream of hers to work and live independently in Kathmandu. Before joining HattiHatti, she used to work in a sweater factory. She received her tailoring training at HattiHatti in October 2017. Since then she has been working as a tailoring operator and is enrolled in our education program.

Rita Lama
  • Birth year 1988-10-30
  • Position Operator
  • Been with HATTIHATTI since October, 2017
  • Family Mother, Father and Elder brother
  • Likes Rita likes listening to music and tailoring. And sometimes these activities together side my side.
Rita Lama
  • Dislikes Rita dislike people getting involved in unnecessary activities that hampers oneself and also the people around them.
  • Education Grade 5
  • Goals Wants to continue learning and doing tailoring and become independent. Plans to open her own tailoring shop in the future.