Manju Tamang

Manju Tamang is from Kavre district located south of Kathmandu. When Manju was in grade 6, she was diagnosed with typhoid which stopped her from continuing her studies. During the same period she lost part of her hearing. After 12 years, with the support of her family and community members, she was assisted with a hearing device and could again develop her speaking and hearing

Manju Tamang
  • Birth year 1993-07-19
  • Position Operator
  • Been with HATTIHATTI since May, 2017
  • Family Mother, father, two brothers.
  • Likes To visit new places and talking to friends.
Manju Tamang
  • Dislikes She doesn't like staying restless. She want to develop her skills in different areas.
  • Education Grade 6.
  • Goals Wants to study and become an independent successful woman. She is currently receiving treatment for her hearing, but can still have problems understanding what people say.