Chandri Moktan

Chandri is from Sindupalchok District. She moved to Kathmandu in 2006 for her higher studies but due to the lack of financial support she had to drop out and then started working in multiple places such as woolen factories, furniture stores and others. Out of all these experiences she has found tailoring at HattiHatti to be the easiest and fair to her. Also she has been able to get the education classes here at HattiHatti which makes her happy.

Chandri Moktan
  • Birth year 1992-04-26
  • Position Operator
  • Been with HATTIHATTI since November, 2017
  • Family Two brothers; One older and one younger
  • Likes Writing and Singing; Chandri like to separate time to indulge herself in writing and singing, she likes writing and singing in various forms and has been doing so for many years now.
Chandri Moktan
  • Dislikes Inequality
  • Education SLC Passed
  • Goals To be more involved in writing and wants to open her own tailoring shop to sustain her livelihood.