Anu Balampaki

Anu Balampaki (Magar), 25 years from Khayaramara, Bardibas district. Anu has a big family of 12 and relies their living from farming. She loves sewing and believes it's her passion. She wants to run her own tailoring shop in future but for now she wants to be with HattiHatti and learn as much as she can.

Anu Balampaki
  • Birth year 1996-02-26
  • Position Office Assistant
  • Been with HATTIHATTI since July, 2019
  • Family Father, Mother, 3 elder sisters, 6 elder brothers.
  • Likes Sewing, cooking.
Anu Balampaki
  • Dislikes Riding bus, people who speaks loud.
  • Education SLC Passed
  • Goals To open shop.