Padma Kumari Syangtan

Padma Kumari Syangtan is born in 1988 and comes from the rural area of Hetauda, Makwanpur. After receiving basic training from the organization Underprivileged Children’s Educational Program (UCEP), she was recruited to HATTIHATTI with the aim of becoming an independent entrepreneur in the future. With high aspiration, Padma worked in our organization for more than a year.

Shy, and timid at first, Padma was always enthusiastic in all the activities conducted by HATTIHATTI. Padma was vigorous and intellectual in our weekly educational classes. She always strived to explore her capabilities and different ways to enhance her skills. On weekly creative classes Padma was always determined to come up with innovative ideas and make new products. She was also attentive in four months of advanced tailoring classes given by our organization.

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After one year of education at HATTIHATTI, she became proficient enough to initiate her own business in her home village of Hetuada, Makwanpur. Padma has continued with the spirit of our organization with giving tailoring trainings to girls from her village where she has been involved in the Village Development Committee (VDC).

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I’m very delighted and thankful to HATTIHATTI for guiding me to get an education and the skills to start up my own business. I feel thankful to help my village and inspire others.