Made in Nepal, Made to Change

Let us explain

    How we work

  • Education

    It all starts with education! Our weekly classes provide the opportunity for marginalized women to complete a primary education.

  • Training

    Learning by doing! Through HATTIHATTI, women get the chance to learn & practice new tailoring skills.

  • Entrepreneurship

    Being independent! Through the HATTIHATTI program, these women are advised and guided in how to start & maintain their own company. They strive towards making a sustainable living.


  • Vision

    Everyone should have the possibility to feel joy and happiness in their daily life. That everyone, despite ethnicity, gender, sexuality, age, social/economic situation should have access to equal opportunities.

  • Goals

    Our goal is to educate women from marginalized communities in Nepal to become entrepreneurs. Through our program we provide classes in English, Math, Business economy along with practical training within advanced tailoring. Not only is this a program for learning, it is also a platform for teaching and giving.

  • So why the elephants?

    Hatti means elephant in Nepali. Elephants are extraordinary creatures with many good qualities. With their big hearts, they live in a herd and always take care of each other.

    Even though elephants and tailoring do not have a lot in common we strive to use the same qualities in the way we run our organisation.


  • Sunaina Singh Shrestha

    Marketing Head

  • Sajna Jirel

    Project & Education Coordinator

  • Geeta Deupala

    Head of Design

Board of Directors

  • Priya Sigdel


  • Bhusan Pyakurel

    Vice President

  • Dharma Raj Ghimire


  • Sulav Baral


  • Abita Karki


  • Bijeysh Ranjit


  • Rumi Rajbhandari



  • Rijeysh profile
    Rijeysh Rajkarnikar

    Marketing Head

  • Simran profile
    Simran Silpakar

    Marketing & HR Manager